Taking care of your hearing aids is like giving your ears a daily spa. We had a patient from Northborough who would clog up his hearing aids every month.

These are the tips we gave him.

  1. Clean, Clean, Clean: Start your day with a gentle wipe. Use a dry, soft cloth to keep your hearing aids free from earwax and debris. Easy does it – no fancy cleaners needed.
  2. Avoid Moisture: Hearing aids and water don’t mix. Remove them before showering or swimming. Moisture is the enemy!
  3. Store Smartly: At bedtime, put those aids in a cool, dry place or in the charger. A dehumidifier is a secret weapon against moisture buildup.
  4. Mind the Wax: Earwax happens. Keep an eye on it and clean your aids if it starts building up. Changing the wax guard is the simplest method.
  5. Handle with Care: They may be tough, but be gentle. When you’re not wearing them, handle your aids with care. They’re your hearing superheroes, after all.

Remember, a little daily TLC goes a long way. By following these simple steps, you’re ensuring your hearing aids stay in top-notch shape, keeping you tuned in to the sounds that matter. Ready for more hearing aid hacks and expert advice? Swing by our practice for personalized care tips tailored just for you. Your ears deserve it!