We have introduced four ways for you can interact with our office safely.

  1. Telehealth:

    We can diagnose hearing aid problems via Face time or Skype. Contact our office if you would like to connect with our office smartphones, tablets, or computers.

  2. Curbside service:

    We can service your hearing aids in the parking lot, should you desire not to enter the office. Limited face to face contact.

  3. Drop Box:

    We have installed 2 drop boxes for receiving and returning hearing aid repairs, clean and checks, and or adjustments. No face-to-face contact.

  4. In office visits:

    These are available for those who want and require face-to-face contact and human touch. We have implemented new procedures to clean, sanitize, and disinfect our office, and we employ appropriate PPE for our mutual safety.

If you have any questions and concerns please call (508) 366-8686. We look forward to serving you in the near future.

We wish that you and your family remain safe in this uncertain pandemic environment. We will get through this coronavirus together, and we will be smarter, stronger, and more alert to our own safety. We encourage you to continue to wash your hands, use a face covering, and maintain social distancing.

Peter, Alex and Tammi