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Alex Lee, BC-HIS, MA Lic # 311

Hearing Instrument Specialist

Peter Lee, BC-HIS, MA Lic # 40

Owner, Hearing Instrument Specialist

Hi, I’m Alex.

Some practices measure their success by the number of hearing aids they sell.

We measure success by the number of lives we enrich through better hearing.

We’ve been helping people hear better and enjoy their lives for over 25 years. We care about helping you hear your best. We do this by setting communication goals and working together to attain them. We believe that everyone deserves the best care and the best hearing possible.

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Get your hearing checked

You don’t need a hearing loss to get your hearing checked. Johns Hopkins recommends every adult get a baseline hearing check between 21-60 years old.

Many people come in and tell me they don’t have trouble “hearing” but they have trouble understanding speech in background noise.

This is a clarity issue. And it should be checked.

Once you have better information you can make better decisions.

Most people come in and we find:


Hearing is within normal range – come back in a couple years

Early Hearing issues – needs to be monitored, come back next year

Hearing loss – treatment recommendations

If you ask a person to repeat more than 4 times in a day – get your hearing checked.

And just because you occasionally have trouble understanding speech – doesn’t mean you need to get hearing treatment.

The first step is hearing checked so you know whether your issue needs to be addressed.

Procrastinating won’t make the issue go away.

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step

Get your hearing checked


What if my hearing isn’t bad enough?

According to a study published in JAMA Otolaryngol Head Neck Surgery 2020;146(2):201-203. doi:10.1001/jamaoto.2019.3584 researchers found that 42% of people who reported no hearing trouble actually had a hearing loss.

They also found that in people aged 60-69, 35% of those who THOUGHT they had a hearing loss- DIDN’T.

The moral of the study is- it’s very difficult to know ‘how your hearing is’ without getting checked. You might be experiencing hearing trouble and may not even have a hearing loss!


Tales of an UNCHECKED hearing problem

You managed your hearing-clarity problem well when it first started. Like the time you missed a word when your spouse was talking to you from another room. You could hear them but you didn’t understand.

Or when you missed the punch line of a joke when you were out to dinner with your family. But the restaurant was noisy and how can you expect anyone to hear in all that background noise?

But at least you and the family can get a good laugh over the time you mixed up the word “bird” with “turd”. Hearing problems can be funny 🙂

You find yourself smiling and nodding- pretending to understand because you don’t like asking people to repeat. Don’t want to draw too much attention to yourself.

You start noticing yourself asking people to repeat more often. Only once or maybe twice so it’s ok.

When you’re watching British comedies, your spouse starts saying, “do you really need the TV so loud?”. It’s because of the accents and you do turn it down because the commercials are so loud!

You’re not enjoying movies as much because there’s so much background music that you can’t hear the dialogue. People just don’t speak clearly like they used to! Thank god for closed captions!

Your family starts nagging you- making jokes that you’re “going deaf” or that you have “selective hearing”. But whenever you need to hear something important, you can hear it so it’s “not that bad”.

You stop going to choir practice because you can’t hear the director when everyone else is chatting. It wasn’t that much fun anyways. “I can live with it.”

When you pick up the phone, you find you’re having trouble understanding. Problem solved when you use “speaker phone”. “It’s not that bad.”

Every once in a while there’s a little blow up over a misunderstanding. But what else would you expect from being married for 35 years? “I can live with it.”

Your kids have been telling you to go get your hearing checked. They get frustrated and sometimes raise their voices at you when you ask them to repeat a 3rd time. You feel belittled but it’s ok–you eventually understood them. “It’s not that bad.”

You don’t like meeting new people because you have to ask them to repeat. At your age, who needs new friends anyways? You can hear your family just fine when they face you and there’s no background noise. “I can live with it.”

At the holiday parties you find yourself less interested in what your family is saying. It’s easier to just stay quiet. Their stories just aren’t that interesting. Plus your spouse can fill you in on the details later. “It’s not that bad.”

When your hearing gets “bad”– that’s when you’ll go get your hearing checked. You’ve gone this long without one- why now?

Besides, what if you need hearing aids? Only old people wear hearing aids. But you’re not old and you don’t “need” any more things in your life.

Grandma used to wear big honking hearing aids and she STILL didn’t hear well. Uncle Bob spent thousands of dollars and he won’t even wear the darn things.

Can you see yourself doing this?

Do any of these situations ring a bell?

Have you felt this way before?

Get your hearing checked

What happens if I do nothing about my hearing problem?

There are major consequences to untreated hearing loss.

The most substantial effect is the progressive loss of word understanding. Below is a visual representation of what happens.

Ignoring your hearing problem will only make matters worse and THIS IS IRREVERSIBLE.

Doing nothing is a choice.

By the time you think your hearing is “bad enough”, you’ve waited too long and limited your hearing potential.

I hate telling patients I cannot help them because they procrastinated before coming in.

It takes courage to pick up the phone. Are you ready to get your hearing checked?

Get your hearing checked

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