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Hearing Services We Offer:

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Hearing Tests

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Hearing Treatment

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Hearing Aid Services

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When should I get my hearing checked?

  • If you find yourself straining to hear during conversations
  • If someone has repeatedly told you to get it checked
  • If you have ringing in the ears
  • If you have trouble understanding words in noisy places

Make an AppointmentSigns of Hearing Loss

Peter Lee, HAS conducts a hearing text on an elderly female patient

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Why get my hearing checked?

When you are not hearing well it can affect your memory and cognitive abilities.

Getting your hearing checked is the first step to learning if you are at risk for early dementia.

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What if my hearing isn’t bad enough?

Some people come in and we find they have a borderline hearing loss.

Not everyone needs hearing treatment and their test can serve as a baseline for the future.

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Alex Lee, HAS poses with an elderly female patient

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